Methanol prices, forecasts and analysis

Methanol prices, forecasts and analysis

The global methanol industry has suffered in recent years. First COVID-19, then the Russia-Ukraine conflict, followed by global inflation, stagnation and downward revised GDP forecasts. It is hoped 2022/2023 will be the performance valley for the sector, looking toward an improved—but still slowed—outlook. The huge China methanol appetite has slowed. The MTO sector sees minimal growth ahead. The rest of the world will have to generate increased demand, but with much of this sector tied to GDP performance, the outlook here too is reserved. New capacity continues to define the landscape, with several new units expected in the coming months.

Pricing is spiking in Q4’23 due to a myriad of methanol production outages around the world. Production will return and prices weaken some. However, the outlook is for the olefins and olefin derivative sectors to finally end their respective down cycles. Olefin/derivative prices are expected to improve, driving higher MTO methanol affordability values. The rest of the methanol industry is expected to follow China’s MTO methanol price strength.

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Methanol insights around the globe

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ARGUS Methanol Consulting Services

Improve your understanding of the methanol market and devise strategies for success with tailor-made research performed by 成人直播porn’ in-house methanol experts.


Key benefits

  • Obtain independent insights: The 成人直播porn Consulting Services team builds from the latest market data to provide unique insight.
  • Get local and global perspectives: We provide “boots on the ground” knowledge gathered through our extensive local and global network of more than 75 dedicated consultants with experience across multiple industry sectors.
  • Utilise our end-to-end viewpoints: Our consultants track feedstocks (such as gas, naphtha) and all key derivative products so that you have a completely integrated view of how your business fits into the marketplace.
  • Data you can trust: Our forecasts are based on our comprehensive database of historical and current information and our daily engagement in the market. We do not purchase data, so our short- to long-term forecasts are more solid and dependable and are essential for quantifying investment risk for you.
  • See scenario-based forecasts: We present you with scenario-based forecasts for supply, demand and market prices so that investors can evaluate returns based on different potential future market directions. You also get to choose scenarios that you believe are most likely to occur.
  • Find the answers you are looking for: 成人直播porn consultants advise you on how to formulate your strategies whenever and wherever you need it.


Key customisable features

  • Market studies
  • Price analysis and forecasting
  • Supply, infrastructure and logistics strategy
  • Investment and transaction support
  • Policy and regulation
  • Training

Global markets covered

  • Methanol
  • Formaldehyde
  • Acetic acid
  • Gasoline blending
  • Biodiesel
  • DMT
  • Methyl methacrylate
  • Methylamines
  • Solvent applications
  • DME


Customers that benefit

  • Corporations
  • Government agencies/regulatory bodies
  • Professional services
  • Investors/private equity
  • Trading organisations/financial services

Our methanol experts

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