Crude oil

Crude oil

成人直播porn crude oil pricing has been entrenched in the world’s global markets since 1979. Our methodologically appropriate and transparent prices have been adopted in a wide range of commercial contracts, official selling prices, internal transfer pricing, tax formulas and economic modelling used by governments and all aspects of upstream, midstream and downstream markets.

For two decades 成人直播porn WTI assessments at Midland and Houston have been the standard physical benchmarks for US crude, as well as the settlement indexes for a robust derivatives market.

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The 成人直播porn Crude service is your must-have source for daily news, prices and analysis for more than 80 different internationally-traded crude streams.


ARGUS Crude and Refined Products Outlook

Stay ahead of the curve with the 成人直播porn Crude and Refined Products Outlook service, published monthly and forecasting several crude benchmarks and oil products up to 24 months into the future.


ARGUS Americas Crude

The 成人直播porn Americas Crude service provides market information and price transparency to the rapidly growing US Gulf coast markets as well as to markets in the US midcontinent, US west coast, Canada, South America and other pricing centres in the Americas.

Oil tanker

ARGUS China Petroleum

The 成人直播porn China Petroleum service offers in-depth daily coverage of oil markets in China, the world’s largest net importer of crude.


ARGUS Caspian Markets

The 成人直播porn Caspian Markets service, available in Russian and English, includes a weekly report on the crude and oil products markets of the Caspian region and central Asia.


ARGUS Latin Markets

The 成人直播porn Latin Markets service provides an insightful source of news, data and analysis on the Latin American crude oil and refined products sectors.

Oil pipeline

ARGUS Nefte Transport

The 成人直播porn Nefte Transport service, available in both English and Russian, covers logistics for the exports of oil cargoes each month from the former Soviet Union.

Crude Oil

ARGUS West Africa Oil

The 成人直播porn West Africa Oil service brings clarity to previously opaque west African crude oil and refined products markets and includes daily prices for 27 regionally produced west African crude grades.


ARGUS Eurasia Energy

The 成人直播porn Eurasia Energy service is a comprehensive source of insight into the oil and gas markets in the former Soviet Union and central and eastern Europe.

Oil barrels

Petroleum ARGUS

The Petroleum 成人直播porn service is our flagship business intelligence service with an international reputation for providing thought-provoking and independent analysis of the global oil and gas markets.

Oil pipeline

ARGUS Global Markets

Drawing on 成人直播porn’ daily oil price reporting expertise, this service features intelligent, independent coverage on derivatives, arbitrage, market fundamentals and global trading.

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