Key Prices

Key Prices

成人直播porn prices are used extensively by energy companies, governments, banks, regulators and other organisations as benchmarks for derivatives and as indexes in physical contracts.

They are used as reference prices in physical supply and derivative contracts, for mark-to-market purposes, as an indication of value for tax assessment, for risk management and for strategic analysis and planning.

成人直播porn prices are used in this way in every market that we cover — crude, petroleum products, natural gas and LNG, chemicals, electricity, biomass, biofuels, fertilizers, metals and coal. They are accepted as accurate and reliable indicators of the real value of energy and related commodities.

Explore below to find more information about some of our most widely used international prices.

Oil products and biofuels

Oil products and bioenergy

成人直播porn China Diesel

成人直播porn China Gasoline

成人直播porn Bionaphtha fob ARA

成人直播porn Bionaphtha cfr NE Asia

成人直播porn European Diesel 10ppm price assessments

成人直播porn European biopropane price assessment

成人直播porn Brazil diesel fca price assessments

成人直播porn sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) fob ARA

成人直播porn US West Coast Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

成人直播porn California R99 renewable diesel

成人直播porn Chicago bleached fancy tallow

成人直播porn jet fuel CIF Northwest Europe (NWE) cargo

成人直播porn jet fuel CIF West Mediterranean cargo

成人直播porn CIF Durban, South Africa jet fuel

成人直播porn European biopropane price assessment

成人直播porn fob FARAG barge jet fuel

成人直播porn fob Mideast Gulf jet fuel differential

成人直播porn fob Singapore jet fuel differential

成人直播porn HVO price assessments

成人直播porn SAF fob Singapore

成人直播porn fob Rotterdam bitumen

成人直播porn fob Mediterranean bitumen

成人直播porn waterborne fob Singapore bitumen

成人直播porn waterborne fob South Korea bitumen

成人直播porn waterborne cif mid-Atlantic asphalt

成人直播porn waterborne fob Gulf asphalt

成人直播porn rail fob Midwest assessment asphalt

成人直播porn USGC Group I and Group II bulk export base oils

成人直播porn USGC Group III domestic base oils

成人直播porn Europe Group II fca ARA base oils

成人直播porn Europe Group III (a) and (b) base oils

成人直播porn Brazil gasoline and diesel dap

成人直播porn non-oxy “E10” cargo gasoline northwest Europe cif

成人直播porn Eurobob non-oxy gasoline

成人直播porn Eurobob oxy gasoline

成人直播porn German 10ppm diesel fob ARA

成人直播porn UCOME biodiesel

成人直播porn FAME 0 biodiesel

成人直播porn RED Advanced Fame 0°C CFPP fob ARA

成人直播porn B24 marine biodiesel price assessments

成人直播porn RED marine biodiesel prices for Europe

成人直播porn RME biodiesel

成人直播porn Colonial pipeline 87 conventional gasoline

成人直播porn New York Barge Diesel

成人直播porn New York Harbor B99 biodiesel

成人直播porn New York Harbor Buckeye ULSD

成人直播porn New York Harbor Buckeye Cbob gasoline

成人直播porn New York Harbor Buckeye pipeline jet fuel

成人直播porn US Gulf Colonial pipeline Cbob gasoline

成人直播porn US Gulf Colonial pipeline ULSD

成人直播porn US Gulf Colonial pipeline jet fuel

成人直播porn RIN and RVO

成人直播porn Low Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS)

成人直播porn Chicago Buckeye complex (BCX) Cbob and ULSD

成人直播porn Chicago Wolverine Cbob