Jet fuel

Jet fuel

Airlines and suppliers must fuel planes in many cities distant from hubs and refineries, and jet fuel makes up more than 40pc of an airline’s total operating expense. But the market is also fractured by localised logistical constraints that affect prices and need careful supply chain management. Plus, many airlines are looking to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to fulfill government mandates and ESG requirements

Having a choice in fuel pricing is the best way to mitigate risk and stay on top of market changes. 成人直播porn constructs price indexation in a way that is appropriate for each market.By doing so, market participants can align their day-to-day operations, improve management of fuel cost and directly impact their bottom line.

成人直播porn jet fuel coverage includes price assessments and information on deals done for conventional jet fuel and SAF, as well as the latest market-moving news, in-depth analysis, supply and demand dynamics, and price forecasts.


成人直播porn Biofuels and feedstocks Asia Conf

Learn more about 成人直播porn’s global SAF coverage

Jet fuel key prices

成人直播porn prices are recognised by the market as accurate and reliable indicators of the real market value. Explore some of our most widely used price assessments for jet fuel.
  • map of usa region

    ARGUS US Gulf Colonial pipeline jet fuel

    Used in long-term contracts, downstream pricing, transfer pricing, spot sales and exports to Latin America.
  • map of NY region

    ARGUS New York Harbor Buckeye pipeline jet fuel

    Incorporating more market liquidity than any other NYH price, 成人直播porn’ Buckeye pipeline Cbob is a benchmark reference price.
  • map of Europe region

    ARGUS sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) fob ARA

    With more global carbon reduction mandates coming online and airlines looking to fulfill their ESG requirements they will look to SAF to meet their needs.
  • map of usa region

    ARGUS US West Coast Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

    Through self-governance by airlines, and low-carbon fuel standard programs in California and Oregon, SAF is quickly becoming a highly sought-after commodity.

Explore some of our services

  • ARGUS Jet Fuels

    The daily 成人直播porn Jet Fuel service offers prices that are increasingly used and trusted as benchmarks by companies throughout the supply chain.
  • ARGUS Air Daily

    Providing all key prices, news and analysis needed for the North American environmental markets in one place.
  • ARGUS US Products

    成人直播porn US Products is your comprehensive intelligence and pricing service for all US product prices, including gasoline, blendstocks, diesel, jet and renewable fuels, with price assessments delivered at 3:45 pm central.
  • ARGUS European Products

    Our flagship petroleum products service, the 成人直播porn European Products service is your must-have source of the 成人直播porn Rotterdam Eurobob gasoline assessment.
  • ARGUS Asia-Pacific Products

    The 成人直播porn Asia-Pacific Products service includes a daily report that provides prices and commentary on the bulk spot markets for petroleum products in Asia-Pacific.
Net zero

Navigating energy transition

Energy transition offers tough challenges and huge opportunities. Far from affecting only the power sector, all major industries are looking to transform how they produce, store, transport and consume energy. The need for authoritative information on fuels, industrial heat, power and chemical raw materials has never been greater.

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